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By bones | Posted at 3:43pm on July 21st, 2015
Top Online Poker Players Rally to Support Arrested Asian Betting King
by Maria T on MONDAY, AUGUST 4TH, 2014 in POKER NEWS
A string of leading online poker players, including Phil Ivey and Andrew Robi have shown their support for Asian betting king, Paul Phua Wei-seng and a number of associates, who were nabbed by Vegas police for allegedly running an illegal sports betting ring. Nevada authorities arrested Phua, his son and several others, charging them with operating an illegal soccer gambling in Sin City.

Editor Note: If you live in Nevada, New Jersey or Deleware you can now play for real money at For out of state residents, we recommend

Ivey, Robi and other poker pros have showed solidarity with the accused in a number of ways, most significantly by putting up bail. Court records show that Ivey paid $500,000 for the bail requirements, while Robi put up the other $1.5 million required to see them released for now.

Among the arrested were Macau junket operator Richard Yong Seng-chen, and his son Yong Wei-kin. The senior Yong was described by five time World Series of Poker winner, John Juanda as “a man of honor and high integrity” in a letter he penned to the Vegas courts. He said that he had known the senior Yong for several years and that the Malaysian was a “kind hearted family man loved by everyone around him.”

Both Phua and Yong are well known in the high roller poker circles around the world, including Macau and Monte Carlo. Several weeks ago, Macau authorities arrested Phua and charged him with the promotion of illegal gambling and criminal association. After posting bail, Phua left Macau.

The men are being accused of having run an international betting scheme worth billions of Hong Kong dollars during the soccer World Cup. They deny the charges brought against them and have stated, through their lawyers, that they intend fighting all allegations.
By shaunsmith | Posted at 3:23pm on May 5th, 2015
Welcome to a place for players to connect
We've created a place for people with a love of gambling from around the globe to connect based on the input we've received from more than 20 years of business as casino hosts. Just as we strive to offer a valuable service for players looking for a premiere experience at physical casinos with Host Connections International, Player Connections International was created with you, the player in mind.

And this is your place.

But first, a few ground rules:

1. Anything poker or casino related is fair game
2. Trolls live under bridges, not here
3. Try to be helpful in your post, but it's fine to brag
4. Have fun!
By bones | Posted at 8:35am on August 25th, 2014
Looking to start a weekly game
Hey ya'll - I'm looking to start a weekly meetup to play on WSOP - who's interested?
By shaunsmith | Posted at 7:26am on July 13th, 2016
Does anyone played All Slots Casino?
The name All Slots Casino can mislead uninitiated users, giving them the impression that only slot machines are available in this casino. In fact, here customers are offered many other games, including baccarat, blackjack and roulette with live dealers, although it should be admitted that the slots in it are in the first place.

Design of All Slots Casino is very colourful, stylish and not banal. Despite the abundance of small elements in the design, they are perfectly readable and do not dazzle the eyes. Invitingly sparkle and shimmer in the glare of advertising signs, continuously growing jackpot, alternate currency symbols next to amounts of the bonus – everything is faster so tempted to register and start the game

Here is the link:
I'm facing a choice. Anyone played yet? Can you share your experience?
By frankfurter | Posted at 4:04am on September 13th, 2018
Security in Online Casinos: Transactions and Personal Data
Security in Aams Casinos: What Is the Standard?
For those approaching for the first time in the world of online casinos it is normal to feel a sense of distrust in providing their personal data or those of their credit card to be able to register and bet.
In this guide we will therefore try to clarify what are the safety standards used by operators, approved by AAMS.
We remind our users that all the online casinos examined on, both those approved and those not approved, meet the security standards discussed below.
Do not mess around. Payments in the form of withdrawals or deposits, which occur through websites and online casino programs using the security measures that are commonly used for online purchases. Transactions take place in fact through the communication channels secure and encrypted (SSL).
If you are afraid that casino can make withdrawals without your permission from credit cards or other systems used to play, you can rest easy. Ironclad. In addition, to ensure maximum transparency, players can always consult from their gaming account to the list of all the movements of money that have been made by the time of registration.
Who would you like to be able to play the credit card, can make use of other secure payment systems, such as prepaid and e-Wallet.

It is critical to providing your personal information, true and correct. Use of the payment or of the winnings.
The right precautions are taken into account.
The game is also anonymous, only the casino staff can see the data related to you.
Another concern that often is not that casino games that can be manipulated or rigged in some way. Do not know who is on the other side.
The best traders use for their gaming software platforms, which have an excellent reputation. The RNG (Random Number Generator), is a random number generator that is responsible for the outcome of winning or losing bets. Borgata Casino Promo Codes
Well, the gaming software and the RNG regarding AAMS casinos must be certified by third-party bodies that ascertain their fairness. Subsequently this certification of being approved by the same AAMS.
In other words, the casino operators cannot tamper with the system or decide to advance the outcome of the games.
Different speech in technicalities but identical in practice you can do for the live casino. Playing at a live table, will not be shown or pre-recorded video games.
In addition, each game session and every single game played in an online casino are associated with unique codes. At any time, players can not only see the history of the games played, with all the information on the amounts wagered and won, but go to the official AAMS website and check the play using these codes.
It is easy to think that the games are rigged when you feel the unpleasant feeling of a loss, but it is not.
By johnpauljean | Posted at 2:35am on February 8th, 2018
Online Casinos have turned out to be immensely prominent and have served to architect a billion dollar industry. Aside from the obvious accommodation from the solace of one’s own house, the truth fact that the online gambling offers a far superior win proportion than their area-based partners this one of the principle reasons behind the immense growing interest. They have completely revolutionized the gambling world, offering fun and simple approaches to try your luck and win big. On the off chance that you play your cards right, gambling slot games can even be great earner to help you increase your bank balance whilst having best time from the solace of your home.

I pretty agree that playing games in casino is of great entertainment and excitement, but the primary concern remains that you will play games of chance thus the accompanying few tips and traps could prove helpful in poking the chances somewhat more in you support.

Choose Your Game

As opposed to taking a scattergun way to deal with online gambling, concentrate on the couple of games that you truly enjoy and then take time to learn them well. Practice game with all the rules, and eventually you will soon know the work out system which can increase your odds of winning. This methodology will work with various different games from traditional card games to virtual online clubhouse slot games.

Identify Your Strategy

It’s mostly seen that winning in casino slot games, like, with lower jackpots is quite easy, as they tend to pay out continuously. On the off chance that you are learning two games, pick one high and one low jackpot games so that you can easily keep the balance between big wins and smaller bonuses to keep your bank balance great. Decide the strategy for every game by figuring the chances and weighing up the amount you can afford to deposit against your chances of winning.

Exploit Offers

Online gambling websites routinely post offers, promotions and even gifts to allure you to test their casino slot games so don’t be hesitant to take them up on the offer! Moreover, there’s no catch, they just need your custom and it’s free shot at the jackpot for you.

Take Care Of Your Limits

The strategy you use is quite well with online gambling, however at times you can simply be having an awful day. At the point when that happens, acknowledge that luck isn’t your side and leave it for some other time. Decide your budget you would be sending every day, week or month. That way you surely won’t get a shock when you check your bank credits at the end of the week.

Give A Break When You’re Ahead One common and biggest mistakes ever witnessed in online casinos is that the individuals don’t stop when they are ahead. Winning enormous can be exciting and that makes you hungry to push your fortunes for the possibility of a greater bonanza at the end. There are full chances that you will simply bet away any rewards you have so bet carefully and pocket your rewards instead of reinvesting them into online machine.

Online gambling can be lot of fun if you know how to bet carefully and you can easily specialize in games you love and know the best. Now you are completely aware how to beat the banker then why not give it a go?

You might be surprise at exactly the amount of fun and achievement you have!
By nathanluise | Posted at 9:44am on September 27th, 2017
Strange But True Poker Stories - Crazy Short Stack Moves
Saw this on PokerUpdate
Original link:

s poker players, we each have made moves as a short stack that we thought would never work but have. Other times, justice is served upon us for shoving with 7-2 into the chip leader.

Today, I take a present three different three stories about short stacked moves that seem strange but actually happened. I know they happened, because I’m the one that made them. Sometimes these moves work, sometimes I fall on my face and other times I make a “strong play” without realizing what the heck I’m doing.

All-In “Without Looking”

The Trump Taj Poker Room used to hold 10-handed $65 Sit & Go tournaments that paid out a prize pool of $500. I believe the payout was $250, $150 and $100. We were down to the final three in one of these and the chip leader refused to deal, so we played on.

Both players were decent poker players, but they weren’t necessarily the most observant. I had noticed they often looked at their cards while being pitched and I found a spot to exploit this three-handed.

The dealer dealt the first card to me and I quickly lifted the corner and did the same to the second card. I had pocket kings. However, I had not straightened my cards and I was first to act.

“I’m all-in blind.” The dealer watched me look at my cards and looked at me as to say “you really think that will work?”

The chip leader looked like someone caught him taking the last cupcake and started looking around at everyone asking, “is he serious?” He asks the dealer if I looked at my cards and he said “I’m not allowed to comment sir” and then goes completely stone-faced.

The small blind is eyeballing me but never says a word while folding. Then the chip leader starts tanking hard. “You didn’t really shove three-handed blind did you?”

I responded with just a little head tilt as to say “maybe.” He hems and haws for a bit because he has a “big hand.” Finally, he decides to call and asks “did you really shove blind?”

I smile and go “nope” and show pocket kings. He has pocket jacks. The kings hold and now and now all three players are about dead even in chips.

Afterwards, he was willing to deal and we split the money 150 each and gave the dealer $50. As the dealer got ready to leave, he glanced over to me quickly, started chuckling and left.

I agree buddy. I can’t believe they fell for either.

All-In After First Two Cards in PLO

A move that I will use on occasion in either PLO or in Omaha 8 or Better when I am short and UTG is moving all-in after getting my second card. Usually I will do this after getting a big pair or even a suited A-2 in Hi-Lo.

The purpose of this move is to exhibit strength and put the table on notice that the “short stack has finally picked up a hand.” If I have fold equity, sometimes this works. Granted, if I have next to no chips or someone else picks up a hand, I’m getting called.

One time I pulled this move was at my final table appearance at the First Annual Binions Poker Classic. I was the short stack at the final table and really had been nursing one since about 20 players left.

I was in shove or fold and the blinds were such that a pre-flop raise could put me all-in. This was a time to try my all-in move, or so I thought. The first two cards I received were jacks, so I thought, “OK! Let’s go!” I move all-in and naturally, this gets everyone’s attention as cards are still being pitched.

Naturally, about three people declare out loud that I “must have a pair” and of course, they were right. Action started folding around and I looked down to my other two cards. “DAMMIT” was my only thoughts after seeing the other two cards.

Anywho, the chip leader called and showed something like A-K-Q-10 or something. I don’t fully remember. I can’t forget my holdings. “Well folks. These were my first two cards.” I then turned over two jacks.

“Then I got these.” About half the table went “awww” as I turned over ANOTHER jack and a non-suited deuce. I believe my opponent flopped two pair but I am not sure. All I remember is that my hand didn’t hold up and I was out.

Why Would You Leave That Little Bit Behind?

I’ll admit that this situation happened by pure accident but it kept my opponent guessing for the rest of the day. The situation was three-handed in a single table satellite that paid out a single seat to a larger tournament. I was the short stack but not quite in the “shove or fold” zone.

I pick up Ah-Ks and raise 3.5x and get called by the chip leader. A king hits the flop and action is check to me. I bet somewhere around the size of the pot. I’ll admit that I was more focused about making a bet to take the pot down that I overlooked the fact I only had about 500 more left in my stack.

This looked incredibly suspicious to my opponent and he started tanking for what ended up being a good five minutes. He kept harping about “why did you leave some behind? Why not put it all in?”

Now I shouldn’t have allowed this but the guy was even talking to the other guy at the table about the hand but again, I was more focused on winning the pot and frankly I was so new to live tournaments at the time that I didn’t know that this was a rules violation.

Anyway, after several minutes he decided I must have flopped a set and folded K-Q face up. He proceeded to talk about the hand for a good five minutes afterwards.

We ultimately chopped that satellite and he just had to know what I had. After I told him I had A-K, he told me that “he just knew” I had him beat and that the move gave away the strength of my hand.

Little did he know that I actually misplayed my hand, but thanks for the tip buddy. I know use that move every so often and about 75% of the time, I get credit for having a big hand.
By shaunsmith | Posted at 9:01am on July 18th, 2016
Local preview of WSOP
From the Las Vegas Sun:

To help catch up on what’s set to happen at the WSOP, the Sun has assembled a list of five players to follow, five tournaments to watch and five changes to know. Check it out below.

Players to follow

Joe McKeehen: There’s always extra pressure on the defending Main Event champion, but so far, “Joey Ice Cube” has crushed it. He has cashed for nearly $1.8 million and won two more tournaments since his $7.68 million coup at the WSOP final table last November.

Jonathan Duhamel: McKeehen will be racing to catch Duhamel as the most successful world champion of the “November Nine” era. Duhamel earned his second bracelet in one of the summer’s biggest events last year, taking down the High Roller for One Drop for $3.9 million, before winning another High Roller event in WSOP Europe for more than $600,000.

Steve O’Dwyer: The 34-year-old comes into the WSOP riding a record 20 straight weeks as the top-rated tournament poker player in the world by the Global Poker Index. He’ll have to exorcise former demons to stay there, though, as O’Dwyer has never won a bracelet or even made a final table at the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Dzmitry Urbanovich: The 21-year-old from Poland makes this year’s most highly anticipated debut after racking up $4.8 million of winnings elsewhere in the last three years. He heightened the hype by making a $10,000 bet at 200-to-1 odds, meaning he could win $2 million, with Vanessa Selbst that he would win three bracelets this summer.

Daniel Negreanu: No moment at last year’s WSOP was more electrifying than the world’s most popular player nearly making the Main Event final table. Negreanu bowed out in 11th place, earning $526,778 for the finish but getting deprived of what he wants the most — his first bracelet in Las Vegas since 2008.

Tournaments to watch

Colossus II, June 2-June 7: Everyone expects the second edition of the $565 buy-in event to wallop the total of number of entrants attracted by its predecessor. The WSOP can accommodate up to 30,000 players for the tournament, and the eventual winner is guaranteed at least $1 million.

Top Up Turbo, June 5-June 6: One of the new events the WSOP is pushing hardest falls fourth on the schedule. It’s a $1,000 buy-in, a possibly appealing price to those who bust out of the Colossus, but the twist is players have a chance to double their starting chip stack by cashing in sit-n-go tournaments held online at

Tag Team, July 6-July 8: For the first time, the WSOP isn’t only an individual game. Teams of two to four players can sign up for this $1,000 buy-in, and tag each other out to take turns playing an unlimited amount of times. The only requirement is a player must stay in for at least one round of blinds.

High Roller for One Drop, July 8-July 10: No event will bring a more distinguished field than this $111,111 buy-in event. Last year, 135 players signed up to create a $14.2 million prize pool. The final table alone featured the likes of Duhamel, 2014 Big One For One Drop champion Daniel Colman, all-time bracelet leader Phil Hellmuth and the world’s current No. 2 player Anthony Zinno.

Main Event, July 9-July 18: Participation may be dwindling, but the $10,000 buy-in tournament remains the game’s biggest spectacle. It’s the world championship of poker. A professional has now prevailed seven years in a row, breaking a previous seven-year streak by amateurs. For the eighth straight year, the Main Event will play down to a final table of nine before rejoining in the fall — October 30-November 1 this year — to crown a champion.

Changes to know

Cards: The WSOP announced an agreement with Brazilian-Belgium company Copag to provide the official playing cards this year, placating angry pros who were unhappy with the ones provided by Italy’s Modiano last year. The purportedly poor quality of the playing cards, which were accused of being too thin and easy to mark, made for an early controversy last year.

More winners: For years, the WSOP’s standard was to pay 10 percent of any given tournament field. In 2016, it’s boosting to 15 percent with the minimum payout being one-and-a-half times the buy-in. Players have widely applauded the switch, and the WSOP hopes it help retain first-time customers.

Start times: Instead of Noon as the usual starting time for tournaments, it’s now 11 a.m. Not everyone is down with getting the cards into the air earlier. McKeehen has been a vocal critic online, tweeting that players are getting treated like “slaves” and curiously blaming the media for the change.

Easier payouts: During a few of the bigger tournaments — mainly the Colossus — last year, lines to receive payouts stretched on for hours. The WSOP has addressed the problem by implementing an eQueue process where players can register to get a text message that lets them know when their money is ready.

Headphones: Players long griped over Nevada Gaming Control Board Laws that prevented them from wearing headphones once a tournament entered the money. The WSOP finally addressed the issue this year, and new rules will allow players to wear them all the way up until the final table.

Case Keefer can be reached at 702-948-2790 or Follow Case on Twitter at
By shaunsmith | Posted at 10:07am on June 1st, 2016
Part 8 of "How To Attack the WSOP" reminds players about games on the virtual felt at
Anyone have luck with qualifying tournaments?
By shaunsmith | Posted at 1:35pm on May 3rd, 2016
Congress Introduces Ban on Online Poker, Gambling
A bill titled the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act,” sponsored in Congress by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), would ban all forms of online gambling, including playing poker over the Internet.

The bill would change the U.S. Department of Justice’s official interpretation of anti-wagering laws, by rewording federal law.

“Interstate transmissions of wire communications that do not relate to a ‘sporting event or contest’ fall outside the reach of the Wire Act,” U.S. Assistant Attorney General Virginia Seitz wrote in 2011, responding to two states’ requests for interpretation of the Wire Act of 1961.

‘Restoration’ or Ban?

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) would expand the Wire Act’s reach to include online activities such as online poker.

Reason magazine Senior Editor Jacob Sullum says the legality of online gambling varies from state to state, and the passage of RAWA would affect many more people than just online poker players.

“This sort of paternalistic intervention should trouble anyone who has fun in ways that other people might not like, especially if he uses the Internet to pursue his pleasures,” Sullum said. “The absurdly broad reading of the Commerce Clause underlying Chaffetz’s bill, which makes anything that happens online a fitting target of congressional meddling, should trouble anyone who believes the federal government is limited to its enumerated powers.”

‘Absolutely No Reason’

Michelle Minton, a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says states should be allowed to regulate online gambling.

“States have proven capable of regulating online gambling within their borders, and state legislators that do not want residents to have access to online gambling are perfectly capable of passing laws and enforcing that kind of state-level ban,” Minton said. “There is absolutely no reason why the federal government should be intervening in this matter.”

Minton says banning this form of online entertainment will drive consumers into underground black markets.

“With or without a national prohibition, Americans will continue to gamble online—it’s as simple as that,” she said. “However, allowing states to license and offer online gambling to those within their borders will give people a safe place to gamble instead of going into the black market.”

State-Level Solutions

Minton says the bill removes the self-governing authority of the states instead of protecting individuals from harm.

“Supporters of RAWA claim it is necessary to protect vulnerable individuals, but all it does is strip away the protections instituted by the states offering regulated online gambling,” said Minton. “States can require licensees to implement remedies to address any of the potential harms associated with online gambling, such as underage gambling, addiction, and crime.”

‘Very Dangerous Precedent’

Minton says RAWA goes beyond previous attempts to ban online gambling and could further expand the federal government’s grasp over online commerce.

“Whereas previous federal gambling laws were careful to limit their scope to transmissions related to truly interstate gambling, RAWA considers all online gambling transmissions to be interstate,” Minton said. “This sets a very dangerous precedent whereby Congress could intervene in any form of online activity even if the commerce begins and ends in the same state where the activity is legal.

“Today it is about online gambling, but tomorrow it may be about a different online activity that a member has a moral issue with or a donor seeking protection from his or her online competition,” said Minton.

Alexa Moutevelis Coombs ( writes from Washington, DC.
By bones | Posted at 6:28pm on May 12th, 2015
Hot off the presses! WSOP and 888poker to share prize pools
$130,000 Shared Weekly and Daily Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

ATLANTIC CITY (Jan. 12, 2015) – and, two of the leading, licensed online poker sites in New Jersey, announced today they will begin sharing limited player liquidity immediately across their online poker rooms in the Garden State. Online poker players in New Jersey will benefit from increased prize guarantees for tournaments and a greater number of players available for cash games.

Micro and low-limit cash games and select tournaments will be part of the shared liquidity. Each site will continue to maintain its individual reward and VIP programs and players will earn points towards these programs only when they play on the specific site. Both and 888Poker have agreed to limit the liquidity share to specific cash game and tournament tables in order to effectively monitor and ultimately determine what the right mix will be for the customer base.

“This is an excellent step forward for us and should help in building a larger audience and player base for online poker in New Jersey,” said David Licht, CEO of the All American Poker Network (AAPN), the joint venture between 888 holdings and Avenue Capital. “Shared liquidity will help create a better player experience, we hope will attract a diversity of players and begin to bring poker to a broader audience once again.”

“It is important we continue to experiment and look for new ways to create stickiness,” said Director of Online Poker Bill Rini. “Customers used to playing on our site will not notice anything different, except more robust action and bigger prize pools. We also hope this will help expand the market by offering more variety.” and will begin sharing $130,000 in guaranteed tournaments each week in addition to Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash games and sit & go’s. The following multi-table tournaments will be available on a daily and weekly basis on and in New Jersey.

• $5,000 Nightly – 9pm EST
• $10,000 Nightly – 7pm EST
• $10,000 Sunday – 8pm EST
• $25,000 Sunday – 3pm EST

The cash games sharing liquidity between and 888poker are as follows:

No Limit Texas Hold'em tables with stakes up to $0.25/$0.50
Fixed Limit Texas Hold'em tables with stakes up to $0.50/$1.00
All Sit & Go’s with buy-ins up to $5

The new daily guaranteed tournaments and shared liquidity cash games start today. The two Sunday tournaments and the increased prize pool for the Big Sunday tournament begin on January 18, 2015. Players can access these tournaments from either the or software within the State of New Jersey. For more information, please go to or

Must be 21 and present in the state of New Jersey to play. Know When to Stop Before You Start® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. ©2015 Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
By bones | Posted at 10:02am on January 13th, 2015
Atari launches casino games
Alright gamers - I don't know about you but I can't wait to play these:
By bones | Posted at 10:32am on October 28th, 2014
VIP treatment at 888 casino

“What goes into the VIP experience of 888 Casino? Well, finding out is pretty simple at this transparent casino site.”
There are multiple elements to the VIP experience of 888 Casino, with players able to benefit in a variety of different ways. Not only is there personalised service, but also players can win attendance at lavish events hosted all over the world. Event tickets can also be presented as rewards to high rollers.

Account Management

A crucial element of any VIP experience in life is the personal touch. In an attempt to develop a VIP perception, 888 Casino provides its VIP players with a dedicated account manager. Their job is to answer all questions and to resolve any small issues.

VIP Events

One click on the tab for VIP events will display an enviable list of events transcending sports, music, holidays, and social dinners. Some of the prime examples include the Rolling Stones, Cirque du Soleil, Oktoberfest, Six Nations, Cheltenham Festival, Grand National, and Formula One. Tickets to similar events are awarded to the highest VIPs as rewards for loyalty, as well as through VIP promotions.

Prize Transparency

888 Casino displays transparency in the awarding of its VIP prizes by sharing the names and nationalities of the users who won them. Tabs are provided for latest winners and past winners, making it possible to check back quite far on historic promotions. Such a level of transparency is certainly a positive side of casino promotions that should be more widespread.

Loyalty Store

Instead of redeeming comp points for casino bonus funds, players have the choice of exchanging them for products displayed in the VIP loyalty store. As for what to expect from the various items, the product categories of the store include, cars, electronics, home, sports, audio, football, holidays, and more. In the event that players do not have access to a product in the store, it is possible for them to request it using the concierge service.
By bones | Posted at 8:48pm on October 20th, 2014
What do you think about sports betting in New Jersey
Good or bad? The NJ Assembly is weighing in now
By bones | Posted at 9:02am on October 16th, 2014
5 tips for winning small stakes tournaments
Via our friends at Poker News:
By bones | Posted at 6:04pm on September 30th, 2014
From the early 1900s in Robstown, Texas to 1967 in Vegas - the history of hold'em
The history of hold'em is fascinating so we thought we'd share.'em#History
By bones | Posted at 8:40pm on September 22nd, 2014
What's the best room on 888 Poker
What do you think is the best room on 888 Poker?
By shaunsmith | Posted at 10:52am on August 4th, 2014

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